June 30 - July 3, 2017 DARLINGTON, MD

an experiment in self expression
through music and the arts

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Acroyoga Thai and Fly

Kathryn Ulrich & Laura Clarke


Feeling sore from dancing all night? Got a stiff neck from sleeping on the ground? Come and explore a therapeutic experience that opens the body and mind through Thai Massage and AcroYoga.     We’ll start this community practice with some satisfyingly lazy partner stretches, cultivate trust & easeful transitions, and work through a series of relaxing Thai Massage moves that you’ll love sharing with others. Bring a mat or blanket, some friends, and wear comfortable clothes you can move in - just make sure they won’t slide off when you’re upside down!


This is Laura Clarke’s 7th year at PEX and her 4th year bringing Acroyoga to the Pavilion. Her advice? Bring a mat, wear a shirt and leggings to cut down on the skin burn when you’re learning. Laura picked up Acroyoga in 2008, taking Kathryn Ulrich’s classes at Om Factory in NYC where she completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 and often assists beginner Acroyoga classes. Laura’s mainly in it for the therapeutic flying, though she also loves being upside down. At Summerfest, you’ll also find her assisting Thai Massage workshops and training Black Rock Rangers.

Kathryn Ulrich is a movement arts specialist with more than 20 years of professional experience and expertise in the moving arts of Yoga, Acrobatics, Circus Arts, Bodywork and Dance. She grew up involved in dance and athletics – a passion that has only continued to flourish and expand into all movement arts. By 2006, after 10 years of delving into Hatha yoga, she completed a yoga teacher certification. Since then, Kathryn has continued to learn, train, and practice. She also holds certificates in AcroYoga, Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers, Sanskrit Studies, NGY Yoga for Kids, Radiant Child Yoga, and many advanced trainings with Glenn Black and other well respected teachers. She has taught workshops and ongoing classes around New York City at ExhaleSpa, Omfactory, Sonic Yoga, the Yoga Room, Go Yoga and Lululemon stores. She has been featured in New York Magazine and on The Martha Stewart Show.

She celebrates and has an appreciation for ALL practitioners. Her classes focus on integrating breath, energetic awareness and mindfulness through movement all while acknowledging precise body alignment. Her free-spirited personality finds a match in yoga and she enjoys guiding others to experience the benefits of the mind/body connection through a moving meditation.