June 30 - July 3, 2017 DARLINGTON, MD

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Aerial Conditioning

Aaron Schallock


Warming up and training properly are as or more important than learning the actual wraps, tricks and poses in aerial arts. Your body needs proper warming up and strength in order to perform properly and without injury. So in the interest of aerial safety this workshop will be one of the most important you can take with you! In this workshop you will learn to warm up properly before stretching and training/performing as well as a solid stretching guide to improve flexibility with the proper form. It is designed to teach a warm up/stretching daily routine. Also, you will learn proper core strength excersises, endurance training and grip strength using the silks. Training routines to improve inversions such as straddle ups, climbs, and other core building exercises.


Aaron has been studying aerial silks for 10 years now. He has performed all across the country at corporate events and festivals. Aaron has been teaching aerial silks for 4 years and has written a specific curriculum on how men and women learn silks differently. He has also well as hosted numerous festival workshops across the country.