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Bring the 8 Limbs of Yoga to the 4 Corners of your mat

Don Rider


In the United States, when we think of yoga, the physical poses like Downward Dog or Lotus usually come to mind, and most studios focus on that aspect of yoga. However, there are seven other "limbs" in a traditional Hatha yoga practice that you can use to compliment and deepen your physical practice. In this workshop, we'll look briefly at the eight limbs and then play with incorporating them into a classical open-level yoga mat class. Our goal is to leave you with some new ways to look at and enrich your yoga practice on the mat. Bring your own mat or towel to practice on.


Don has been studying yoga in the classical style of Sri Dharma Mittra for 7 years. He holds his 200 hour teacher certification in Dharma yoga, a classical yoga style that incorporates the eight limbs in everyday practice. He is excited to share his practice with his fellow PEX participants.