June 30 - July 3, 2017 DARLINGTON, MD

an experiment in self expression
through music and the arts

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Devil's on a Roll - Beginner Contact Staff

Noel Yee


Am I doing it right? Have you felt this way learning a devil roll? This class will provide the basic drills for accurately completing the wall and wheel plane devils rolls. In addition, if you already know the devil, stick around and noel will review a few basic variations uncovered over the past year.

PREREQ- None! Like for real. You can do this without any experience!!!!


One of the most important figures of the modern flow arts scene, Noel Yee has had a strong hand in the evolution of flow arts culture and brings a unique understanding of object manipulation to the table. With thousands of students over his eleven years of training, you can’t go wrong with a class from Noel. In addition to his performing career and quality instruction, Noel is part owner and founder of many notable events, performance troops and flow arts companies including Flow Arts Institute, FireDrums, Kinetic Fire, Vulcan Crew, Foreways Project, Vulcan DVDs, Give Props Documentary, is the director of the Flow Show Project and is a board member of the International Juggling Association. If it’s insight into the flow arts mindset and culture you seek, or just want to grow your skills and techniques, take a lesson from a seasoned pro.