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Dragon Spirit Arts: Radiant Lotus Women's Qi-gong

Gabrielle de Burke


Radiant Lotus Women's Qi-gong (RLWQ) is a self-healing internal art program specifically designed to empower women practice in self-health care. The program consists of a series of movement techniques and breath exercises that have the capacity to help practitioners realize their own individual healing potential and reach optimal levels of health. The fundamental elements of RLWQ consist of techniques like Shaking and Cupping, Self-Massage, Vibrational Sound Healing and the Kwan Yin Closing & Showering Qi Movement. Additional elements include the Balancing Movement with Phoenix Opening, Lotus Rises from the Water, Longevity Qigong Series and Emotional Release techniques. The essential difference between RLWQ and other styles of Qigong is that its practiced and taught by women for women. Its techniques differ from other styles in that areas of the body specific to women’s health are focused on that are particularly vulnerable such as the breast tissue and reproductive organs. For instance, in the other perhaps harder styles of Qigong, the practice of meridian tapping is applied to the body with a flat or chopping hand. In RLWQ however, the practice of meridian tapping uses a cupped hand to “pull” away stagnations, which offers a much more gentle and soothing approach that takes in to consideration sensitive areas specific to the body of a woman.

RLWQ has the capacity to:
• Support the release of blocked emotions & the release of stagnant energy patterns adopted from family or society!
• Treat physical conditions such as uterine cysts, period pains, breast tenderness, menopausal discomfort, etc.!
• Prevent dis-ease and deterioration of the physical body!
• Improve immunity & cellular health!
• Increase oxygen levels in the blood, physical balance, mental focus, emotional health, awareness, uplift mood & joy for life!
• Train the body, mind & spirit to act in accordance with its highest calling!


Gabrielle reveres Yoga and other Meditative Moving Arts modalities as precious tools that remind us to “anchor into the rythym of the breath…practice mindful movement… maintain vertical alignment… and find active stillness!”

Early childhood exposure to the moving arts of Theatre and Dance, stimulated Gabrielle’s inspiration as a young adult to study Yogic, Martial & Internal Arts. She has been practicing these art forms for over 20 years and teaching since 2000. She has studied with many Masters and holds Certifications in Level II Tao Yin Lung Shen (Taoist Yoga/Chi-kung), Vinyasa Yoga and Radiant Lotus Women’s Qi Gong among others. Gabrielle is the Lead Instructor & Program Director of the Dragon Spirit Arts Yoga School. She recently opened her own studio (& gallery/boutique w/ her partner) just outside West Philadelphia (

Gabrielle’s work as an internal/martial arts practitioner and instructor intersects with her work as an inter-disciplinary performance artist. You can find her work and collaborations with other artists in Dance, Music, Poetry and Theater presentation on local stages (!