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Earliest Recorded Dance Music - 1905 - 1925

Don Wilson


With the invention of the first mass-produced recordings in 1902, the Edison 2 minute "Gold Moulded" cylinder, many forms of music became available to people everywhere. Over the next 20 years dance music would evolve from the old Waltz's and Marches to Cakewalks, Ragtime and finally many playful variations of "Jass",later "Jazz". This workshop will explain the early, pre-electric recording technologies, the styles of music that came in and out of style and the dances that went with them. Some dance demonstrations will be given and dancing is encouraged!
This workshop will play original 100+ year old records on original cylinder and disc phonographs.


Don has been an avid dancer and collector of antique dance music for several years. With over a dozen machines and several hundred dance records, this may be one of the largest collection of century-old dance music in the Philadelphia area.