June 30 - July 3, 2017 DARLINGTON, MD

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Intermediate Silks!

Aaron Schallock


Excited to learn new wraps, tricks or drops on the silks? Then this workshopis for you. Learn new and different climbs, poses, safe drops and new wraps. This class is not for beginners but rather for silks enthusists who are just starting to learn the nuances that silks has to offer. There are many different variations of each of the known moves and then there are different moves that are unique to different parts of the world. In this workshop youwill try these moves hands on with demonstration and proper spotting. Thisis the chance to broaden your aerial silks horizons! Come prepared with a
yoga mat, water and workout clothes.


Aaron has been studying aerial silks for 10 years now. He has performed all
across the country at corporate events and festivals. Aaron has been teaching
aerial silks for 4 years and has written a specific curriculum on how men
and women learn silks differently. He has also well as hosted numerous
festival workshops across the country.