June 30 - July 3, 2017 DARLINGTON, MD

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Menstrual Wisdom Women's Circle

Katy Elizabeth


Join Katy for a discussion and journey in circle about menstrual wisdom, practice, history (herstory), tradition, and intuition. Our cycles and our bodies are sacred, and hold our deepest wisdom and healing. Katy will share teaching about cycles-as-worldview, which maps the menstrual cycle and female/feminine experience onto a larger framework within the physical and spiritual worlds. We will go on a guided meditative journey and have an opportunity to share personal experience out loud in circle. This is an excellent opportunity for healing wounds around bleeding, and/or to mark the rite of passage and initiation into womanhood so many of us were never given in our youth. This is a trans-INclusive women’s circle! Open to all women and all menstruating people. No experience necessary, any experience level welcome.


Katy is a practitioner of many healing arts, as a registered nurse, birth doula, shamanic practitioner, reiki practitioner, facilitator of healing circles, and tarot reader. She is the proprietor of a semi-private red tent temple in her West Philadelphia home. Her work is dynamic, intuitive, and open to the manifold diversity of human experience. Her many years experience in healing, crying, dancing, laughing, feeling, hurting, crying even more, healing again, and howling at the moon have been indispensable to her work, life, and love. She is a storyteller and an excellent listener. She is a priestess of love and of the moon. She wants to know you.