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Relationship Anarchy Discussion

Alan Silverman


"Relationship Anarchy is a style and philosophy of relationships.

It is non-hierarchical, custom, self expressive, ethical and potentially very rewarding. It facilitates a myramid of custom relationships through negotiation & setting mutual expectations that need only suit the people in the relationship.

This discussion includes the following topics;

What “Relationship Anarchy” is.

What “Relationship Anarchy” isn’t

How does it differ from other (more common) relationship styles?

Accountability within “Relationship Anarchy”

How this philosophy can facilitate amazing relationships

Avoiding “relationship assumptions” Questioning what we assume relationships are or aren’t.

What is the difference between relationship “Rules” & “Boundaries?” How does rule & boundary setting fit into it all?"


Over the last 30 years, Alan has been self employed as a landlord, a home inspector, renovator, teacher, community builder, activist & mentor.

Currently, he lives with multiple co-residents of 4 adjoining houses he owns, where he continues to teach, build community, practice urban chicken ranching and occasionally garden.

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