June 30 - July 3, 2017 DARLINGTON, MD

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Sacred Cacao and Sacred Song Workshop

April Ramee and Pedro Gil Rosas


Connect, Transform, and Detox while Learning sacred songs and being bathed in sound for healing. For 1000s of years in the Mayan lands, Alchemists have known that Cacao can unlock the secrets to the Soul... Cacao can be utilized to expedite inner work, facilitating creative energy, yet its different to other plant medicines in that it does not carry you away on a journey, but rather supports you wherever you are, amplifying whatever is happening inside. Ceremonial cacao is strong and bitter causing detoxification and cleansing of the liver. A true superfood claimed to be a gift from the gods. Sacred songs and instruments to carry the soul, mind, and heart on a journey of self-discovery also support most ceremonies around the world for 1000’s of years.

Join April Rameé, and Pedro Gil Rosas in a unique cacao circle. Your guides will bring you into your divine body to open up the heart. We will teach you sacred songs to sing together in unity, go deep into a heart opening meditation, and end with a divine sound bath to weave the sacred medicine, songs, and heart. Transform your current experience into more love and joy. Radiate peace from within.


April Rameé RYT-500hr

Through yoga and healing with herbs, April discovered the absolute truth that accompanies the ability to harness the genuine spirit of love and healing. In addition to her extensive yoga training with Dharma Mittra, April is a clinical herbalist with a dedicated connection to Mother Earth and healing with plants. April is owner of Antler Alchemy, which brings nature, spirit, and ancestors out to play through herbalism to her community in DC and the world. April navigates life with one key intention—to spread love and the healing energy of the universe via herbs, yoga, breath work, ceremony, dance, sacred sound and many other forms of spiritual activity.

Pedro Gil Rosas

Pedro Gil Rosas is the founder of Colibrí Community. He is a divine channel, medium, reverend, sound and shamanic healer. Born in Venezuela, he was taught healing by his great grandmother at a young age and initiated as a curandero at the age of 16. His healership now incorporates his practice of shamanism, indigenous traditions, Yoruba, Buddhism, and sound healing. Pedro is dedicated to the community and regularly shares the wisdom of our great ancestors and elders through sacred ceremonies.