June 30 - July 3, 2017 DARLINGTON, MD

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Salsa Series: Intermediate

Mayor Michael Shway and Michelle Krunk


After learning the basics in our beginner's salsa workshop, head over to the second part of the series where you will learn a simple choreography to perform with a partner. While we will review the basics at the beginning of class, we will then focus on a step-by-step salsa routine that you will have the chance to practice in a fun, stress-free environment. Feel free to come alone or with a friend, as we will be rotating partners throughout.


Shway and Krunk met at last year's PEX and had a really beautiful hug. From there, they discovered that they both loved acro yoga and salsa. When Shway visited Philly to see his mother, he and Krunk went salsa dancing and Krunk new that they needed to bring this skill to the PEX Summerfest. Shway has been social dancing for nearly 10 years while Krunk teaches dance fitness classes in Philadelphia. Come dance with these fun PEXers!