June 30 - July 3, 2017 DARLINGTON, MD

an experiment in self expression
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Single Staff 101

Cody Beastman


From the basics of traditional spinning into contemporary pattern spinning, and finally, the bread and butter of contact work. This is a fairly dense class, meant to leave the student with a solid foundation of multiple styles of single staff play with which to further their independent study. Some basic playtime with a staff will be helpful, taking notes is encouraged.


Cody Beastman is a talented young fire performer hailing from a town of southern soul and punk rock, Richmond, Virginia. It wasn’t long after discovering the playfully engaging meditation of object manipulation that Cody’s pyromania was born and his life took on a new path entirely. With a newfound love for body language, he began to train himself heavily in the art of contact staff; his skills have since expanded to include dragon staff, contact swords, poi, and most recently, ball and club juggling. Having grown so much from the focus of his practice, Cody is now compelled to share the gift of flow with anyone willing to learn. Cody works as Fire Safety Administrator for the Richmond, VA-based Party Liberation Front and helps organize both FLAME Festival and Fahrenheit Flow Arts.