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Telling Tales: An Introduction to Narrative Writing



Do you just like to write, or have ambitions to be a journalist or to produce a novel or screenplay? Are you already working as a writer, but happy to hone your craft? Come to a workshop on narrative writing by Peter Schmidt, a long-time Pexie, aspiring screenwriter, and award-winning journalist. He'll teach you how to view the world through a writer's eyes, and walk you through the basics of narrative writing and the narrative arc. Even if you just want to write better letters or to become a more astute reader or film buff, you'll benefit from this class. Talented and attentive kids welcome. No pen or paper needed, unless you want to use them to take notes.


Peter Schmidt is a Senior Writer at The Chronicle of Higher Education, a former reporter for The Associated Press, and the author of Color and Money (St. Martin's Press). His work has been published in the Boston Globe, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal.