June 30 - July 3, 2017 DARLINGTON, MD

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Lineup :: Workshops :: Tribal Fan Flow with Lux Arati

Tribal Fan Flow with Lux Arati

Michelle Yeager & Lux Arati Members


Lux Arati’s unique blend of dance and fire arts has entertained crowds since 2011. Come learn some of their style from Lux Arati’s artistic director, Michelle Yeager. This workshop will focus on blending tribal bellydance movements and format with fire fans, bring your favorite set of fans and prepare to get your Luxie booty shaking. The workshop will start with a short warm-up, followed by a breakdown of tribal bellydance movements and drills. The second part of the class will begin to blend those movements with prop manipulation and, finally, we will put everything we’ve learned together while playing with various group formations.


Lux Arati is an all-female bellydance & fire troupe based out of Philadelphia. Blending influences of American Tribal Style Belly Dance, modern dance, and hip-hop together with tech and flow fire spinning (fire fans, fire fingers, palm torches, fire hoop, fire staff and more). The lovely ladies of Lux Arati are a powerful, hypnotic presence. The group is directed by Michelle Yeager, a multifaceted dancer, instructor, and costume designer based out of Philadelphia who has been performing Tribal belly dance for over ten years and has been the lead choreographer of Lux Arati for five years.