June 30 - July 3, 2017 DARLINGTON, MD

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Lineup :: Workshops :: Ultimate Bhangra Dance Workshop 6

Ultimate Bhangra Dance Workshop 6

Matthew Schmidt & Carolina Veloso


Exciting for anyone regardless of your movement experience, we will be learning a series of Bhangra ""moves"" which will be strung together to create a full dance by the end of the class. The dance will also include several ""stunts"" easy enough for a beginner, but amazing enough to wow the audience when we perform poolside immediately after class! Please dress comfortably and ready to move. Bright colors and flowy fabrics encouraged! Come experience the joy everyone has been talking about! You are guaranteed to leave the workshop with your heart pumping and a huge smile on your face! Now in our 6th exciting year!

Bhangra is a lively form of music and dance that fuses traditional folk elements with modern styles. Originally from the Punjabi region of northern India, Bhangra has found its way into Bollywood as well as hip-hop, house, and Reggae cultures. The music is high energy with a strong percussive backbone and the dances have a highly intoxicating spirit.


Matthew Schmidt is a life-long actor, performer, entertainer, and movement enthusiast. Trained in both acting and dance at UC Berkeley he came to NYC to continue his acting and movement education at NYU. Bitten hard by the "Bhangra Bug" in 2011, he has performed, taught, and choreographed full Bhangra dances at numerous events and festivals in NYC and the surrounding area under the guidance of his mentor and professional Bhangra performer and choreographer Salil Bhandari.